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Reporting / BI / Data warehouse Solutions

Reporting / BI / Data Warehouse Solutions

We provide wide range of reporting solutions for Web as well as client server architecture,

HTML / PDF Reports

License free distribution for reporting solution, which has very rich look and feel and good performance.

Active Reports or Third party report Controls

License free distribution with rich look and feel. Few of them also have good charting and data mining capabilities. E.g. Jasper

Business Objects Reports

We provide Data warehouse or Data mart design and development solutions. We have competency in dimensional modeling and data visualization. We have competency to execute complete life cycle design and deployment of data warehouse solution Information and Data availability has been a key factor for the success of an organization. Availability of data at right time and its correctness has helped professionals to make better decisions at right time and generate huge payback for their organizations. Large organizations are the early adopters of data warehousing and business intelligence techniques and now data warehousing has been embraced by many organizations of all sizes. However not all have been enjoying the success as much as they should have for variety of reasons. We strongly believe that we can help organizations get 100% success in their initiatives and objectives on data warehousing.

We have studied several successful and failed implementations and have understood that the Success of Data warehouse lies in three factors : -


User must understand the data elements and intuitively recognize the simple logical relationships among those elements.


User programs, reports or query developers should be able to make correct assumptions about the data model and be able to query the information from the warehouse.


    - Information should be retrieved very quickly otherwise one may lose the audience. We provide services in following areas

    - Consultancy in designing data warehouse architecture, identifying data marts, designing dimensional models, development and implementation.

    - Consultancy in optimizing techniques and improve query performances to increase throughputs.

Our key resources have 10+ years of technical as well as functional knowledge and experience to provide useful, efficient and practical BI solutions.