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We offer end-to-end business solutions to Manufacturing Industry – particularly Project Industry like Elevators, Process Industry like Boilers, Spray Dryers, Distilleries, etc. We have hands on experience in working with complex engineering products.
Our ERP solution offers significant reduction in process cycle times for Project-based engineering industries like Elevator industry and Process industry.
ERPbyNet® is a Web based ERP Application that includes CRM, SCM, Project Management, Production, Service, and Finance and Accounting applications.
ERPbyNet® is a tightly integrated solution leaving out zero chances of repetitive data entry. Being Web-based ERPbyNet® is available anywhere and anytime.

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ERPbyNet® is a Web based ERP Application designed for Project Industry that

  Automates back office processes
  Offers BI for efficient business decisions
  Offers Safe and secure data processing
  Does complex engineering calculations in a jiffy
  Is designed by Industry experts with vast domain knowledge

ERPbyNet® is for you

   If you have a manufacturing set up that has complex network of different processes and systems
  If your business has complex engineering rules and calculations
  If you want to automate repetitive processes
  If you want control over crucial business decisions
   If you want to serve your customers faster and better

ERPbyNet® works with the following Modules

  SalesPundit: Sales and Customer Relationship Management functions
  AceSiteManager: Site or project management functions
  AceMRP: Material and resource planning functions
  eProduction: Manage and track production functions
  AceService: Service and maintenance management functions
  Ace Service Mobile: Manage service and maintenance tasks through mobile device
  AceFinance: Finance and accounting functions
  Product Definition Studio: Product configurator functions to define complex engineering products with technical and costing rules
   DrawGenie: Generates AutoCAD drawings for complex engineering products based on specifications and product definition
  Security Studio: Centralized administration and security management functions

ERPbyNet® offers User defined Reports across the modules. A special portal offers a number of Reports useful for BI purpose.

ERPbyNet® offers multi currency and multi lingual support.

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