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Smart Site Survey

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Tablet application

The main survey application can be used on Apple, Android or Windows tablet devices Online as well as Offline. The tablet devices these days are quite powerful and are easier to carry and handle compared to laptops. In addition, integrated cameras in the tablets avoid the need to carry separate cameras. Secured It is a secured application to allow access to Authorized Users and User permissions are defined by each organization and authorization mechanism is implemented for all the application functions.

Customizable questionnaire

Each organization may have different requirements of survey questions. Survey questions and validations may vary based on products. SmartSiteSurvey allows definition of survey questionnaire and publishing those to tablet devices. Various types of questions can be defined: Free format, number, yes/no, calculated values as well as picture selection. Various validations will be in place for questions to eliminate common errors e.g. specifying which questions are mandatory, which questions need photographs to be attached, etc. Surveyor can also take notes and/or pictures for each question. It will be possible to draw sketches for a question if required.

Easy operation

The tablet application is very intuitive and easy to use. The touchscreen features of the tablet devices will be used effectively for easy navigation.

Lots of help

Guidance for end user also can be added for each question e.g. reference drawings/pictures can be provided, which device to be used to take measurement, how to take measurement, etc. This will make the life of even a novice surveyor easier.

Support for photographs at various levels

User can take and attach photographs at various levels such as project, building, group, set, etc.

Easy synchronization with server

The survey data can be synchronized with the Modernization module of ERPByNet which can then be viewed by other authorized users in the organization and can be used for additional functions such as estimation, analysis, reporting, etc.

Estimate the modernization projects

Once the survey data is synchronized to the Modernization module of ERPByNet, it can be used to create modernization plan for the project. The changes to be recommended can be captured and inbuilt powerful rule engine ‘RuleGenie’ can be used to estimate the cost and/or price of the project. A detailed level and accurate estimate can be generated.

Proposal generation and document generation

Once the modernization specifications are ready and estimate is generated, generation of proposal document is as easy as clicking a button. The proposal document is template based and hence customizable. Not only proposal document, various other business documents can be generating using the data captured.

Customizable workflow

The entire modernization process workflow is customizable. Various stages of the process can be defined and captured in the system. It is possible to define authorization rules and notification alerts for each stage.

Integrated data

SmartSiteSurvey together with Modernization module offer you a completely integrated solution and take a big leap towards paperless process. All the data related to modernization projects and corresponding surveys is available at one place and easily and securely accessible.

Visibility of margins

Since all the data related to modernization projects is captured at one place, accurate estimates are generated, real-time cost analysis is possible. Margins can be viewed at various levels and this helps in taking key decisions. With greater insight into financials, market coverage and profitability can be increased.

Solution Offering

Our solution is primarily available in cloud. It can also be deployed in your local environment. ERPByNet runs on windows platform. The tablet component ‘SmartSiteSurvey’ can run on Apple, Android and Windows devices


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